Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: Melted Crayon Heart

So I finally decided to try melted crayon art. I have seen it all over the Internet and YouTube for months now. I have to say this project was really time consuming. My little guy definitely found it boring to sit thru this. My advice is to have most of the project started and let your little ones watch the crayons melt. Zaki helped me unpeel some of the crayons, arrange in color order and hold the blow dryer to melt crayons... but he was pretty restless.

Here is what you will need (I purchased all the items from the dollar store) 

72 Box of Crayola crayons (they melt best) 
Blank canvas
Glue gun 
Blow dryer 
Acrylic paint  (optional: black or silver works best)
Newspaper to cover your surface

1) Paint canvas with acrylic paint
2) Fold a sheet of construction paper and cut into a heart. Most tutorials I saw were arranging the crayons in a straight line but I decided to change it up and make a heart
3) I don't care much for crayola so I decided to peel the wrappers
4) Separate the peeled crayons and color coordinate them. ROYGBV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet)
5) Glue them onto your canvas. This can be tricky if its done without the wrappers.
6) Put your blow dryer on low heat and start melting the crayons. BE CAREFUL and make sure to cover all surfaces this stuff splatters!

 Tadaaa our completed art! 

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  1. Assalamo alaikum,

    Wow Mashallah...It looks soo cool! This idea has always intrigued me, and I never saw the heart version. But all posts I've read do state that it can be a looong process and boring for kiddies.... maybe i'll try on a mini size canvas :)


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