Saturday, June 20, 2015

DIY Mason Jar Ramadan Favors

Perfect to share with your neighbours this Ramadan!

Get your filler ready, we filled ours with almond dates sprinkled with coconuts

What you need: 
Mason jar, roff burlap, mod podge or glue, twine, rubber bands, doilies and a brush

*tip: if you are using cookies, remember to face them outwards

Cup burlap large enough to cover mouth of lid

Write your msg on your doiley, spread modpodge or glue across your doiley with brush

Center doiley onto your jar and secure burlap square with rubber band around mouth of jar

Measure and cut your twine to fit around mouth of jar

Tadaa, you have your finished project!

1 comment:

  1. wow mashallah love it!
    our packages were dollarstore boxes with a ribbon and sticker :P


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