Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pregnancy I miss you!

No thank you in advance to those of you who think I need to get pregnant again! This is just a trip down memory lane for me =)

1) Eating endlessly

2) The funky food cravings. I loved eating white rice at all hours of the day and night. That would explain the whopping 50 pounds I gained

3) Looking cute and glowy during the second trimester

4) Random strangers being extremely polite and nice to me

5) People holding the door open for me

6) Unbelievably shiny and healthy hair

7) Expectant mothers parking- right up front next to the wheelchair parking

8) Giant loose underwear

9) Prenatal Massage

10) Prenatal yoga; when I used to work out!

11) Swimming; I swam up until 7 months and it was the best work out because I could not tell how fat I was under water

12) Napping during the day

13) Hours shopping for cute baby stuff

14) Having the time to take a bath

15) No pressure or expectations- from my parents,friends and family

What do you miss most about pregnancy?


  1. "because I could not tell how fat I was under water"

    u were not fat, just a bit rounder =)

  2. OMG this is soo funny! I miss my pregnancy too! :)
    mostly the same stuff u already strange people being extra polite,family taking care,no pressure ;),having the liberty to eat whatever i want :),and the massage/care/extra time that my husband gave me ;)...this was amazing! but yeah..not any time soon again iA :P

  3. you missed: not being able to finish a sentence without taking a big breath in between
    or how about: starting to say something but then you forget what you were talking about in the first place


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