Friday, September 17, 2010

Adjusting to Motherhood

Motherhood for me has been really rewarding. There are times that I feel so overwhelmed or tired but then when I see my son at his happiest and most serene moments- I see the fruits of my labor.

People often ask "so what does being a mom feel like" and I struggle to find the words to really describe it. There are the days when I cannot wait for Zakariya to take a nap, but as soon as he does nap, as soon as I do have quiet adult time... I miss seeing him roll around our living room floor. When it is late at night, after I have caught up on some much needed relax time, I find myself peeking thru the bedroom door- hoping to catch my little guy smiling in his sleep.

Why o why does motherhood taste so sweet?

It really is the most rewarding experience... because not a single day goes by where I feel as if nothing was accomplished. We managed to nap, eat, drink, sleep, shower, play, smile and cry-- and to be honest, even if my house is a little messy or I am behind on the laundry; I still accomplished much more then the average person does in a day... and my days are measured by the quality of moments I have with my son, not the quantity of things I get done.

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