Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rise in Home births

Many might be skeptical about home births but the truth is in the numbers. Most who have opinions know little or nothing about home births. Whether a home birth is for you or not, its important to educate yourself on the topic. Here is an amazing read about the rise of home births: Home births rise nearly 30%

My favorite points from the article:

  • Ask yourself, where were your parents most likely born? In the hospital or at home?
  • Consider this stat, in 1940, 40 percent of births took place at home. 
  • Many people do not know that: home births actually had a lower risk profile than hospital births.
  • Hospital births were twice as likely to be low birth weight or preterm babies as home births.

Of course home births are not for everyone. However, it is important to consider the benefits and be supportive of others who choose to experience them.

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