Monday, June 4, 2012

Handmade Goodness!

With Ramadan approaching soon I am really looking for some crafty ideas to make as Eid gifts. In the past, I have tried to stay true to this by baking goodies for the men in my family. The last few years, I baked sugar cookies and purchased some cute containers from Michael's. I have to admit, with each passing year I am totally stumped about what to get for my guy cousins.

This year I will continue on the tradition but extend it to my other family as well. There is so much love, effort and positive energy that goes into a handmade gift. I like to visualize the person whom I am making the gift and send good vibes and blessings their way.

People often make the assumption that handmade gifts should only always be economical but they forget the time that goes into it and the cost of quality materials.

That being said it can still be really economical to make a gift, card or baked goods!

Here are some quick ideas you can put together for your loved ones:

A scarf I made for my younger cousin. Love the color!

Add some hand made deco to any room for a pop of color. I made this for my cousin, the colors represent her husbands college football team. 

My little Artisan personally working on a series of handmade eid gifts for our family.

Don't feel like much of a crafter? Looking for creative energy? Find yourself lost in the handmade dream world of Etsy

You can always purchase a handmade gift made by someone else. If your not sure where to start... let me introduce you to a friend of mine, hand crafter, artist, crotchet lady, photographer, Super Mama extraordinaire- Sarah! Sarah just made adorable shoes for her little one. This totally melted my heart, handmade shoes by mama- what could be sweeter than that?!

She even makes custom art! Eid gifts galore- Imagine custom artwork for your husbands office or artwork to adorn your hallways and living room. Drooooool!

Click here for her Blog 

Click here for her Facebook Page

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