Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year, New You.

Welcome New Year.... Better late than never. I suppose.

I had high hopes to get back into the blogosphere. Wanting to jump back on the blog wagon. It has not happened and I have to be honest with myself. I use to blog for fun. Blogging now seems like a chore, another one of the items I strive to cross of my daily to do list. Blogging has taken a back seat. I have been focusing on prioritizing, especially with being back to work after baby. Even now while typing these exact words- I am thinking of all emails I need to reply to. The pile of messy dishes in the sink are practically staring at me, calling my name. 
(Insert crazy, messy haired, spit up stained pajama wearing lady face)

Have you ever heard that saying.... if you rip it off fast like bandage it won't hurt as much?!

SO.... here goes...

Blogger, I am not sure how exactly to put this. I am not breaking up with you. I am simply wanting  some time apart. It's not you... its me. OK fine, it is you. This relationship requires too much. I can't keep up with your demands and constant needs. I feel like we just don't belong together anymore... at least not for right now.
 This is not good bye. This is see you later. 

I found someone else. Someone who treats me better. Someone who does not require the same attention as you do. Someone who I can see myself with daily. 

Blogger meet my Facebook page. Facebook page meet blogger. 

I will still be blogging every now and then but my Facebook page will have daily updates, links, recipes, photos and more! 

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