Friday, August 19, 2011

Ramadan Party Decor

We threw a little get together for Zakariya's closest family and friends. Here is what the simple and on a budget decor looked like!

The purpose of sharing these photos with you is to encourage all of you to make Ramadan and Eid an especially exciting and FUN time for your kids! Zakariya was anticipating his "partee" for days and was Mashallah so excited to help me put the whole thing together. Parents take the time to make Ramadan/Eid a time that your children will always appreciate.

We moved our dining table to dedicate the space completely to the kiddos and served from the kitchen instead

Staying within the budget and time restraints, I used Zaki's wooden toy as a last minute center piece

I picked up these stand able napkins at winners on clearance at Winners for $2.50. The rest of the color theme came after I purchased the napkins

These were our DIY gift bags. We stamped plain paper bags. Zaki helped me stamp a few of these

Do you have any Ramadan/Eid pictures or party tips to share with all of us?

Happy Friday! Please remember us in your prayers.

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