Monday, August 22, 2011

Your time to shine!

As part of the Madinah, under the Women's Resource Centre, we are launching a Mother & Tot drop in program as well as a regular kids' corner, inshaAllah. We are just starting up and there are a lot of supplies and resources we need.
We're looking for donations for some items that are either new or in mint condition. If you have any childrens' [Islamic or non] books, puzzles, games, toys, small furniture, supplies: markers, crayons, paper, construction paper, pencils, scissors, playdough, colouring books, activities, educational resources etc. or anything else you can think of (or if you know anyone who does) please let me know asap. Or if you're willing to sponsor the purchase of some of these items also do let me know.

Jazakumullahu khairun

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