Friday, December 2, 2011

Dr. Sears on Co-Sleeping

What you didn't know about co-sleeping:

"Cultures who traditionally practice safe co-sleeping, such as Asians, enjoy the lowest incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)"

Read the rest of the article here: Ask Dr. Sears


  1. I just could not imagine not co-sleeping, it is simply so natural and so comforting for all of us.

  2. how perfect - we happen to be experts on co-sleeping unfortunately!

  3. unfortunately, same here. haah

  4. My baby is four months old and I do not practice co-sleeping. I sleep in the crib which is placed beside my bed. I can see her whenever I want all during night. But I have never slept along with her close to me in my bed, for many reasons. The most important being safety of my child. May be when she will be a little bit older, I might consider it inshallah.

  5. I agree that every family needs to do what works for them. The article above along with many others suggest that it is not actually unsafe to sleep with your child. What important is to take precautions like Dr. Sears mentions in his article.


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