Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY Carnival Themed Partaaay

We had a little get together for Zakariya's Arabic Preschool, The theme was a Welcome Ramadan Carnival. As expected on the day of a series of things that do not typically happen- happened!

For starters the camera was taking pictures without a memory card for about half the party. I forgot to take pictures of the handmade giveaways and party favors, did not get pictures of all the kids in their cute costumes... and well the list goes on.... Oh and I have almost no pictures from the photo booth set up!

Everything from the games to decorations were all handmade. Apart from materials to make the items, I did not need to purchase much of anything. For prizes I opted to stay away from anything commercial or character related. Which was hard because practically any store bought party favor had some sort of Disney character all over it.

We kept it simple with an "every player is a winner rule" and we had little straw wicker baskets filled with goodies to take home. Baskets were filled with seashells, marbles, stickers and little colored stone gems. The children had brown paper bags with yarn strung thru them as handles to carry their tickets and treasures.

The kids were encouraged to dress up in costumes. They were adorable! We had everything from a horse to guy in a meeting! I am serious, one of the little boys showed up with an ear piece and when we asked him what his costume was- he said "I am a guy in a meeting."

My little man opted to be a bumble bee, my husband was the local sheriff- complete with horrible texan accent and I was a native american. Zakariya told all his friends that my costume was a feather!

For party favors, I spent hours making adorable felt wands. Will post the tutorial and finished product pictures later. We also made nontoxic, handmade soaps. They were a big hit. I couldn't find fish to go inside the soap so I used frogs instead. You can check the tutorial here. I have to admit, the tutorial makes it look much easier than it actually was. The soap was a huge hit and the kids could not wait for their soap to dissolve and their frogs to hatch.

Alhumdulilah a good time was had by all and we all enjoyed welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan.

Thanks to some of the parents using their camera phones and we did manage to get a couple of pictures.


With the help of Grandpa we built and painted this wooden ticket booth. Will reuse it as a lemonade stand, puppet show theatre in the future

Kept the food simple, finger snacks 

Lovely banner made by this craft mama

Virgin Mojito for the adults only 

Dart a balloon game 

My husband made this cute little bean bag toss in the shape of a masjid, complete with moon crescent! 

Pin the tail on the donkey 


My friend was so generous to lend us her bouncy castle. This was a favorite! 


  1. MashaAllah looks like lots of fun! I knew that banner looked familiar lol. Hope you are doing well, miss you, you are in my duas :)

  2. wow! mashallah looks amazing!! good job momma!


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