Monday, October 28, 2013

Missing In Action

Many of you were wondering where I have been... I promise I have a good reason ;)

This past year has been much of a blur. So much has happened... and most recently Alhumdulillah Allah has blessed us with a baby boy, Sayf Khunays.

My journey through pregnancy was hard. Really hard. I have had hyperemesis gravidarum with both my pregnancies. What is it? Unrelenting, excessive, all day, all the time nausea and vomiting. Just thinking about it is making me nauseated! Believe it or not- I will most likely need therapy to overcome the trauma of it. More on this entire topic on a later post...

For now I am enjoying this view....

Big brother Zakariya and baby Sayf 

Mashallah Tabarakallah. Children bring such an overwhelming feeling of joy to the heart. May Allah protect all of our children.

I am learning how to adapt to the new rhythm in our home. Everything takes double the time, double the effort, but Alhumdulilah we are getting the hang of it.

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  1. MashaAllah mabruk on your newest addition!! <3 May Allah protect your children and make them a means to jannah, and a coolness to your eyes. And may He ease your affair, and reward you for any hardships Ameen. Welcome back to blogging!


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