Sunday, June 29, 2014

Welcome Ramadan 2014- 1435

Ramadan Mubarak from our family to yours! May he accept it from you and for us. 

I honestly was unsure if this post would ever make it up on the blog. Sayf is napping and Zakariya is having some independent play. Which he very much appreciates now that his little brother often disrupts him multiple times during the day. I should be cleaning out the fridge and stocking it up with fresh food. Which I will do...


While I have a few quiet and short (did I mention short?) minutes to myself, I thought to share what Ramadan has looked like in our home.

Mashallah with the arrival of baby Sayf our family now makes four. Four is a huge. Three was huge in its own way but nothing compared to four. However, this is something no one will tell you because most moms pretend to have it together most of the time. Including me. 
::: Points at self :::

I was not able to put much time or creativity into our decorations this year. I am a crafty Mama and this year did not live up to my standards. It's okay though. Alhumdulilah the effort was still there from my end and Mashallah Zakariya was so very appreciative.

Living here in the west Muslims are constantly competing with Halloween, Christmas and other nonmuslim holidays. These holidays are a time full of cheer and joy for our neighbors and many friends. So while we acknowledge them, understand and respect their importance in other cultures and religions, it does not necessarily mean we can relate.

With that in mind, I wanted to make Ramadan a magical time for my children. A time full of adventures and traditions. A time where we focus more on others than ourselves. A time where we ask Allah- how I your humble servant come closer to you? A time where we ask Allah to inspire us. A time where we give more than we receive. A time where the heart feels pure. A time where the quran is the light of our hearts. A time where our tongues are wet from dhikhr. A time where we feel fluttery inside.

Kind of like how I am feeling right now. 

This is the Ramadan I pray for this year- for your family and for mine.

Welcome O Ramadan. You are blessed oh month of the Quran. 

Ramadan Mubarak!

 Ramadan inspired activities and books

Sprinkle dust in the kitchen

The center of our home

A tray of full of tradition

Little trinkets, some which we painted ourselves

Our favorite Ramadan read

A mosque built by Zakariya, from a Eco inspired shop Eastern Toybox

DIY masjid canvas
No decor is complete without a Eid countdown!

A little boy who can barely contain his excitement- pretending not to peak! 
The basket has a letter reminding Zakariya of our family goals this Ramadan and encouraging him to always at least try. The envelopes are marked with a number for each day and filled with a single treasure to reward his efforts (no time to make this one fancy!)


  1. Can I ask where you got the large blue mosque silhouette picture? It's gorgeous.


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