Monday, June 20, 2011

To the Lion Safari we go

This is a true super model. Runway challenge anyone?

Super chic

Meet Mr. Lorenzo Lamas ;)

Quit monkeyin' around!

We all need our beauty rest.

Notice how my child is glued to the choo choo. We were the only people on the entire train!

Theme parks are always great for precious family time. Lets not forget all the free perks. What you don't know what I am talking about? The free perks include:
-Excessive exposure to toddler tantrums
-Excessive exposure to tube tops and booty shorts
-Excessive exposure to sweat and body odour
-Excessive exposure to pet peeves, for example; socks with sandals
-Excessive exposure to bored work staff
-Excessive exposure to bored animals (at least at the zoo/safari)
-Excessive exposure to the over anxious parent/child couple. The one who wants to volunteer at every show, sit in the front of every ride and somehow you constantly end up in the same line up
-Excessive dirty looks from other people of the same culture (i.e brown people)
-Excessive exposure to your significant other

Yep. This is why theme parks are great. People think the tickets are expensive but fail to see all the free exposure you get in return.

All jokes aside. We had a great day at African Lion Safari. Mashallah my little guy could not contain his excitement. He was pointing in every direction, waving to all the animals.

Here is what helped make our day super smooth:
  • Start with the park and not the safari drive. It is a long drive to get there and my little one was already restless. We needed to get out and stretch so we did the park first.
  • Do not force your kid a pony ride, they give refunds!
  • Go in the spashpad with your kid. Its pretty huge and intimidating to go alone.
  • Pick a cloudy day. We had just enough sunshine and no rain. Perfect weather- to be outdoor all day.
  • If you have children who are not in school yet or who are home schooled, consider going now while the Public schools are not out for summer vacations. This will mean much less crowds and rush.
  • Pack healthy and nutritious snacks. Avoid sugar, you will need the energy.
  • Public washrooms are gross. You may want to bring your own seat covers or travel potty. We have one of these, it conveniently folds into my backpack for storage and I can rest assured that my little guy does not have to put his butt on the disgusting toilet seat.

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