Monday, June 6, 2011

Yumm SO Fresh

When out in Toronto I always take the opportunity to grab some yummy vegan food. My husband was busy attending an Al Mahgrib course. Off I went with my little guy and stroller to explore the streets- hoping to find a good vegan eatery.

First up, 17 Baldwin street. We popped into Vegetarian Haven for some midday snacks. On my radar was a slice of dairy free cake for myself and some sugar free, fresh baked goods for my little guy. Cha-ching! I definitely hit the jackpot.

Now, let me be honest here. I am not a big fan of carrot cake but I figured I would give it a chance. It was by far the best carrot cake I have had in my life. Don't even get me started on the sugar free oatmeal cookies, Zakariya loved them!

We went back to the UofT campus to meet up with "the Baba" (Zakariya's new name for his dad- will post more about this later!) It was about time for dinner. From there to our next stop Fresh and was it ever so fresh indeed!

Apart from the amazing food, the staff was super friendly. The decor was very refreshing and we had such a good time, Alhumdulillah.

Do yourself  your body a favor and grab some of this deliciously nutritious food!

Take a look at our delicious menu for the evening:

Hubbys Food of choice.

My BBQ burger. Complete with Mayo (all vegan!) I opted not to eat the gigantic deep fried onion rings, hubby ate them instead.
Zakariya's food. Brown rice paired with steamed broccoli.
Mama's dessert, a dairy free, egg free- completely vegan, vanilla cupcake! YUMMMY!


  1. salam alekum. So cool!
    By the way, KHaled started calling his dad "The Baba" - it was hilarious, he still does it sometimes. And these its all about The Hajra ( my sister).

  2. love this post! I went to a vegan place (veggie grill) too where I had a imitation chicken burger with vegan mayo and it was soooo ymmy. tasted like chicken! and my friend bought the vegan mac n cheese and it was soooo much better than any ...mac and cheese Ive had. So since I went dairy free too recently, I went hunting for some food. Whole foods here has soooo much variety. You dont have to limit yourself anymore. They have everything from vegan mayo, butter, yogurt, cheese, snacks! aaand- I even bought a vegan choco chip cookie thats made from non-daily milk and it was one of the best cookies Ive ever had! Alhumdulillah Allah Swt makes a hard thing so much easier. Ive also noticed that by not eating dairy, im unintentionally eating healthier too =)

  3. wow everything looks so awesoem can we go thereeeee one day?!!?

  4. Yumm that cupcake looks good. I've been missing out on a lot of desserts since dairy free, I'm going to have to go this place.

  5. Umm Abdir RahmanJune 7, 2011 at 8:42 PM

    I actually own a copy of the book by Fresh called "Refresh" by Ruth Tal a new edition to their old book "Juice for life". Its an amazing book with some fun, great recipes and tips. I made there Antioxidant fresh fruit smoothie and an Immune... boost elixirs (I modified it for a child cutting the ingredients a bit) for Hanan a few times to help her heal from her burn. SubhanaAllah it has helped a lot. Its a good investment!


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