Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learning Roots

A couple of weeks ago we picked up this Giant Journey Puzzle. Alhumdulillah we had such a blast learning about all the Islamic history and Prophets. Zakariya especially loves the Kabaa so he was excited to see it in the puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle narrates the story of a different prophet. 

We also picked up these great reminder cards. Why? Because even Mama and Baba need to refresh their duas! Alhumdulillah, these have been a great refresher for the whole family- even for our guest who come over!

Look our for more great products from Learning Roots readily available at Habibs bookstore.


  1. This looks great Hira. Do you recommend any other websites for childrens book? I want to get some for Hafsa. Like very basic ones.

  2. Books I only found a couple of very simple ones. You can use alternative things like posters. They are very simple and clear. Try Smartark.com

  3. Try this bookstore everything is really cheap www.ummahcentral.com


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