Monday, February 14, 2011

Gorgeous Preggo?

Seriously, I wouldn't mind looking like Heidi Klum during pregnancy. This goes to show that staying as active as possible during pregnancy goes a long way! Four children later she still looks amazing. She is often photographed in the last weeks of her pregnancies taking her kids to the park and working.

Comparable to those of us slumping on the coach, eating peanut butter out of the jar while watching a "Baby Story" on TLC and then wondering how we gained all that weight?!

Anyone else, belly jealous?


  1. sorry to sound negative BUT.. these celebs also have tons of money to dish out for personal trainers, babysitters, maids, cooks etc... personally there are many days after cooking, cleaning, and keeping the kids healthy and minds stimulated the last thing i wanna do is workout! not to say that i should be a bum and not take care of myself [dont get me wrong i am totally for keeping healthy and fit as a mother / wife ]... but i just think its unfair and unrealistic to compare ourselves others.... especially celebs!

  2. LOL Aasiya, I do totally agree with you... and I was just day dreaming a little- not in anyway trying to compare myself to her... but I was surprised to see that even as a celeb, she was more of a hands on and active mom- even on her feet up until her due date, something I totally was not expecting!

  3. i didn't gain crazy weight during pregnancy but i was just bumming around all day, not with a peanut butter jar but nutella. my excuse was summer. it was too hot to do anything :)

  4. in case you're wondering, it's nobera :)

  5. Ladies ladies- of course there are a gazillion factors that contribute to weight gain and weight loss during pregnancy. You have to consider your starting weight, were you under weight (like me) to begin with? Then chances are you would gain double the weight (like me- a whopping 50 pounds!)

    Like Aasiya pointed out, all women are different. I was not saying that there is anything wrong with putting your feet up and eating nutella, or peanut butter... I did it too- Infact, that is why I used that example, but I did also complain about the weight gain... and I meet a lot of expectant mothers and mothers- who later say that their eating habits and lack of exercise during pregnancy was a major contributer to all the weight gain...

    Being a Doula and a Mother who has been thru pregnancy and the postpartum period- I would still encourage healthy eating habits and exercise.

    The point being... the pregnancy is the healthy pregnancy, we all know moderation with everything is best.

  6. the best pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy*

  7. k so i just read this post lol.. and umm Hira, I don't know what you're talking about, because you were a gorgeous preggo masha'Allah.


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