Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Growing with your baby

I was going through some old pictures of my little guy, just thinking about how Mashallah by the grace of Allah he has grown up so fast. Every day with him amazes me. As if seeing him outgrow his clothes were not enough, now I have to deal with the fact that he has rights and opinions! He is totally his own person- every now and then, his soft and loving nurturing side comes out and he takes a moment to hug his mom... but once he is re-energized, he is quickly back on his way to explore the depths of the kitchen cupboards and to whatever lays beneath the sofa.

Zakariya is well into his months of toddler hood... we are also growing as a family. As parents we have grown so much. We are maturing as individuals as the months pass by but parenting has introduced us to another level as a family unit, Alhumdulillah.

One thing I am learning to do- more than ever, is to trust my maternal instincts more. I feel that Allah (swt) has given mother's this ability over all other relations for a reason. I feel tired of trying to convince or justify myself others... whether that be for habits, discipline, diet or anything kid related. Sometimes people just don't get it because they are not living it.

I will always welcome better judgement, wisdom, advice and words of encouragement- I will always be open to it and willing to hear it... but when resistance, doubt and uncertainty enter the picture... than I think my maternal instincts need to outshine everyone else.

For the first time ever this week, someone applauded my efforts as a Mom in a specific area, Alhumdulillah. Not just any person, but an expert, someone who ACTUALLY knows what they are talking about. It was the push I needed to know- that I am keeping my super MAMA cape on... and I am not taking it off, for anyone.

My new mantra: if you have a problem with this approach, please take it up with their next child. In the mean time, I will be busy with mine =) Mama's need to trust themselves and not let anyone tell them otherwise.

How have you grown with your baby? Please talk about it, so we can all benefit.

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