Monday, February 7, 2011

My diaper bag SECRETS

I know I know... its about time I wrote another post, I am sorry for the delay in between post, but I have not been feeling well. Please remember me in your prayers.

So of course everyone wants to know what kind of products does the Doula have in her diaper bag?! What are my baby must have essentials? There are not many actually, I believe if you get the right products- you only need a few! I figured why not blog about it and save you the time and money. Having been there and tried several products, if I have not tried it- I probably know someone who has and I have probably done some extensive research...

And so the review begins...

My favorite baby wipes! These are especially great to use on the go, they are the only wipes that actually last a long time in our diaper bag. Each pack comes with a whopping 80 wipes! The other wipes I have seen come in such a small quantity, I would imagine moms are constantly worrying about having to refill their wipes container. Leave the extra work behind, get these wipes- they are convenient and have no harsh chemicals or fragrances. The wipes are thick in texture so one wipe goes a long way, even better for those stinky poo diapers!

Soft Bamboo Wipes enriched With Natural & Organic Oils to Gently Cleanse Baby's Face, Body and Diaper Area. 80 pack.
-Ultra Soft Natural Bamboo Cloth Wipes
-Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Natural Tea Tree and Lavender oil
-Gentle on Baby's Face, Body, and Diaper Area

This cream stick is a bit on the pricey side but works wonders. I never used it much until the fall/winter weather. It works really well on chapped cheeks. A combination of vegetable/mineral oil, beeswax- this cream is hypoallergenic- but is not an organic product. It goes on thick and smells amazing. Most everything we use is unscented but this product is scented. The cream comes in a super small but convenient package... a little cream goes a long way.  It is readily available at Babies R Us and Sephora.

Once our little guy started growing some real hair, not just baby fuzz... let me point out that I am a total germaphobe and bathe my kid daily but his hair started to smell a little funky... you know that sweaty little boy smell? It was from sweating while nursing and napping and the only shampoo that kept the smell out was this Burts Bee shampoo. This shampoo is 98.3% natural and absolutely smells yummy, it is well worth the price as you will use much less than Johnson's baby products, the shampoo lathers really well and you will not need nearly as much. The shampoo and wash is also available in a fragrance free formula.

Simple suds for baby’s bath. This all-in-one, tear-free wash combines a natural plant-based cleansing complex with sweet orange and lemon oils to create a nourishing formula that leaves baby's hair and skin silky soft.

Disposable scented diaper bags... the only thing that can come close to masking the smell of exploding baby poop! If you get these bags, everyone in your house will be thanking you. Although plastic bags are not environmentally friendly, in all honestly these are just way too convenient to give up. These are perfect for outings, taking baby/toddler out- to parties and other peoples homes, travelling and in the car. They come in
handy when there is no trash can at the your disposal. They are tiny and easy to fit into any bag without adding bulk and get this they are SUPER affordable.

Review from Tiffany (a mother of five): "I always carry these in my diaperbag so that I can dispose those used diapers in a friendly way. If there is no trash can around, I can easily hold on to this nice little blue package until I find one. These work so well, I don't even bother with the more expensive diaper disposal cans for the nursery. It eliminates the chore of empting that stinky heavy thing. I just toss them in the kitchen trash and haven't had any problem of nasty smells. I always have them at home so replenishing the diaperbag is a cinch. They've come to the rescue for other wet items, since they were available in my diaper bag. They are sized big enough to fit a complete baby outfit, or a baby blanket, or even two stinky diapers."

My sister in law introduced me to this one, so all credit goes to her, Alhumdulillah for her experience with her two kids and passing it on to me. This is by far the best diaper cream- or actually CREAM we have used in our house. In fact, we use it for everything. If I get a burn/cut/itch I just dab some on and my skin is noticeably better in a short time. The same goes for a diaper rash- apply this to your baby/toddlers bottom and by the next diaper change you will notice a SIGNIFICANT difference. I have not seen any other cream like it, I mean if I could be in a commercial or do some sort of endorsement for this product, I absolutely would... Anywho I am sure you get the point, so what makes this so great? Calendula is actually a plant, you should google it to find out all of its amazing benefits. I would encourage all of you to keep some regular calendula cream in your first aid kit. Weleda actually had an entire baby line, it is readily available at Nature Source and Loblaws.

Review:  "I am completley in love with Weleda Calendula Diaper Rash creams! My daughter has very sensitive skin. She would get rashes so bad that the doctor had to prescribe her a special prescription for it. The only explanation he could give was her skin is very sensitive. I mean these rashes were so bad! Anyways, one day I ran out of refills for her prescription and it was a weekend and you know how that goes, I called my doctors office and was told to call back on Monday! I was so mad! I told my husband I had to get something, I couldnt let her go all weekend in pain, So I picked up the all natural Calendula cream, my husband told me it wouldnt work just like the other stuff and that we would be wasting our money just like before. Well you know me being a hopeful Mom and hoping to get my daughter out of her misery I ignored my husbands protests and bought it anyway. I went home and put it on her, It only took one time and it practically took it away. Then I put it on her a second time, and it completley took it away! It has been months and she hasnt had a rash again! This stuff is a miracle workers, I recomend it!"

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