Friday, February 18, 2011

Blessed Fridays

Fridays are a very special day in our house hold. Here are some simple things we do to make Friday stand out- and not just seem like a boring ol' regular week day:

1) Listen to Surah Kahf first thing in the morning
2) Make extra morning prayers and duas
3) Shower, get dressed in our nicest clothes
4) Apply some athaar; perfumed musk (to the men in the family- esp little Zaki)
5) Go for Jummah Prayers to the Masjid or pray at home
6) Read Surah Kahf
7) Go somewhere special for lunch/dinner or eat something special at home
8) Do something nice for our neighbours or those around us
9) Constantly say things like "Jummah Mubarak" to each other
10) Email or call our family/friends
11) If we are out, we try to get Zakariya something small (even if it $1)
12) Put some money for sadaqa (charity)

As Zakariya gets older I really want to add to our list Inshallah. I have some creative ideas in the works... like a piggybank I have ready for him (I will open it once we move) I want him to put some change aside and then we will take it to the Masjid and donate whatever we have saved Inshallah. A couple of weeks ago, we took some hand written notes and passed them out to others at the Masjid (more to come in a later post Inshallah).

Please remember us in your duas, especially today because its Friday =)
What are some idea you can share about making Fridays special with your family and children? How do we encourage our children to love Fridays so much so- that they will not miss celebrating the non-muslim holidays (birthdays, valentines day, halloween)?

Come on super MAMA's share your tips/ideas!

Zakariya loves to copy his grandfather praying. Please say Mashallah!


  1. aww mashallah..
    great ideas :)
    we do the same : surah kahf, showers, nice clothes, jummuah, going out to eat.
    jazakillah khair for sharing..<3
    lemme know if you have any other ideas :)

  2. I will let you know if I come with anything else Inshallah... but I was hoping you would have some ideas to share with me!

  3. lol you have so many..all the things we do are listed here :)


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