Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zakariya's newest friends?

It's been awhile since I have done the whole shopping thing... but Zakariya grew out of all his jeans, for the first time ever I had nothing in stock (he has out grown all the future jeans I had ever bought for him Mashallah) this called for an emergency jean run.

We stopped in at a couple of places... my husband insisted that we wouldn't need the stroller and that he would watch Zakariya. Of course, in my head I knew how that would work out- but I thought it would be fun to witness my husband deal with our toddler running around the ENTIRE store (insert evil laugh: muhahaha)

Anywho, so we get into the store... and Zakariya made friends pretty quickly bbbbuuuuut not with who you would think... not other children his age, not the friendly store staff BUT the mannequins! So while I wanted to keep him from running around, we  focused on becoming friends with the best dressed mannequin. Several games of peek a boo and some conversations later, Zaki waved bye and tata to his new friend and happily left the store.

We went to the next store... still stroller less... and this time, he was not about to stand still- that is until he saw the TODDLER sized mannequins!

I have an absolute new found love and appreciation for mannequins!


  1. lol too cute!
    the first time yusuf noticed mannequins was when i ran into la senza.... he started yelling 'shame shame scary monster!' lol kids are too funny

  2. for the longest time, this is the only way I could buy things. If there was a mannequins in a store, preferably a kid sized one then Khaled would stay occupied. He kiss them, undressed them etc (H&M have kid sized).


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