Friday, February 11, 2011

Love at first sight

For some Khala's (aunts) it was just love at first sight, while others did not even make the list.

Last night, my cousin and Zakariya's aunt Zirak came over. He absolutely adores her. All evening he tried to impress her with all sorts of cool big kid behavior. He read salaat all by himself and kept peeking over his shoulder to make sure she was watching. They both chased each other around the whole house- until Zakariya practically fell asleep in her arms. Alhumdulillah, for a good night.

Interesting how children have their favorites... but it boils down to who is the most interactive with the child. If the child's needs are met, if you really are listening to them and hearing what they are saying- then good behavior and favoritism will follow.

I love favoring my nieces and nephews... you can't spoil your own kids the same way.

Zakariya's first love was short lived... they were already long distance, she lived in Florida- but it became too much with the time zone change when she moved to California and got married- but here are the love birds before her big day!

I think the expressions on Zakariya's face say it all... love struck much?!

What about your kids, who are their favorites?

Zakariya: Maaaaaayn, Marium Khala is soooo dreamy!

Zakariya says: "you had me at Salaams!"

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