Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

While in London we stopped by Hamleys Toy Shop. There are five floors in the store, each floor representing a special interested. We opted to check out the Educative play, Boys and Toddler areas.

I really wanted to purchase something for Zaki but could not bring myself to justify the prices! I picked up a mini replica of a double decker bus, it was for £8 which amounts to $12.26 Canadian. I kept thinking the trip to the toy store was special enough in itself. So Alhumdulillah we walked out purchasing nothing and my little guy seemed satisfied as well.

Disclaimer- gifts from Grandparents don't count- those were beyond my control and against my wishes- literally! Zaki can wait until Eid to see those.

The best part about this toy shop was the live demonstrations. The environment was really interactive and we were able to test out some of the toys. The kids and even the adults were having a blast!

By the way- if anyone is interested... there is a life sized baby elephant available for £1,500. Hamleys will ship anywhere around the world. Just saying ;)

Happy Friday and Jummah Mubarak! Don't forget to read Kahf today. Please remember my family and I in your prayers.

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  1. London memories <3
    Glad you had fun Hira, and Zakariyya looks so happy with those toys masha'Allah lol.. We had so much fun there last time we went, I'm hoping to go again, with Hayaa this time insha'Allah.

    Agreed about the price. We had a lot of fun window shopping at Harrods too :) hehe


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