Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rescue 911- Sibling delivers baby

I know some parents to be hesitant to talk to their children about pregnancy or birth. After watching this episode, I absolutely applaud the couple for educating their children enough to make informed decisions- something even adults lack when it comes to labor and delivery. Of course a child does not need to know everything... but it doesn't hurt to know the basics. Especially given age and maturity. Growing up my parents never spoke about these sort of things. I thought babies came from the hospital. As if it was some sort of store you simply walked into, shopped around and left with the cutest baby.

Now times are different. Children outsmart their parents to no end. If parents are okay with their children learning about guns and violence through movies and video games, its hard for me to understand why birth or breastfeeding is kept such a secret... Birth is normal. Birth is natural. Birth is not a sexual thing.

While I don't think there will be many of us whose other children help deliver our babies, I think its a great blessing that they would be sensitive enough to understand or even remotely respect what their Mothers have been through. 

This little man is my hero and I absolutely love the attachment he has to his little sister. Subhanallah, I think it has something to do with the fact that he was the first one to hold her. I have seen a lot of deliveries and let me honestly tell you, he is more calm and pulled together than some of the Fathers I have seen ;)

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  1. wow! this is amazing. This boy has a lot of courage. I wouldn't be able to do it as a 12 year old because I thought you always have to surgically take a baby out of the mom's belly. I do want to protect my kids from too much graphics BUT if I don't teach it to them, someone else will, whether it's their school or the play ground.


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