Friday, July 29, 2011

Ramadan Prep

With Ramadan just around the corner my little head has been buzzing with ideas to make it especially fun and exciting for my little guy. Of course, I want most of our time to go towards worship so here are ways to plan in advance:

1) Cook ahead of time. Some sisters have talked about pre-making foods like samosas and freezing them until needed.

2) Keep it simple. No need to stuff your face with an unhealthy menu. Keep it healthy and simple, this will only aid your body in detoxing while you are fasting.

3) Do your Eid shopping ahead of time. No one wants to be browsing the malls when they could be getting in some extra worship, especially during the last 10 nights.

4) If you are not fasting this year (because your nursing or your expecting) consider reading the quran from cover to cover. A simple method is 4 pages after each salaat, 4 x 5 = 20 pages, 20 pages= 1 juzz of the quran. I read this some where and loved how simple it was!

5) Consider hosting a potluck iftaar, this way everyone can still keep their routine of extra ibadaat up

6) Encourage yourselves and your children to wrap presents or save their money to give as a charity to those who are in need.

7) Have family circle time a few days a week, during a time that suits you best. Consider fun, islamically educational activities to do together. Here are some resources I plan on using during our circle time:

The products above are available at Habib's

8) Decorate every room in your house! Lights, banners, balloons and other decorations. Remember you want your child to know Ramadan and Eid are very special holidays for Muslims just like other non-Muslim holidays are for the other children they know.

9) Make a "Welcome Ramadan" banner collectively as a family.

10) Swap your child's regular books for Ramadan/Eid themed books.

11) Do Ramadan/Eid themed Arts & Crafts.

(Source: Crayola)

12) Attend a class or lecture for the month.

13) Take your children to Friday prayers and Tarawee with you, try to stick to one masjid so they feel comfortable and get used to it.

14) Be nice to your spouse-- even if they are wrong (ALL the time) joking!

15)  Play dance around the house to this- just kidding... maybe ;)


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