Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Loopy Leena

To summarize Leena in five words: Fearless. Stubborn. Adventurous. Genius. Adorable.

She knows exactly how to get what she wants (we're powerless against her smile and sweet pleading voice). Yes, she may be addicted to milk and ice cream, and yes, she may be a tiny bit obsessed with Barney and Nick Jr, and yes, her tantrums are ridiculous.... but she's still perfect Mashallah. She's not even two and she knows her ABC's, her 123's (up to like 15!), her shapes, colors and animals. She continues to amaze me every day with all the new words she's learning and how fast she picks things up.

I would say she is a pretty well rounded toddler - TV is a big part of her life but so is playing outside, coloring, reading (and sometimes eating) books and she's awesome at puzzles. She loves her family and we love her! Masha'allah, she's the greatest blessing in our lives.

Mashallah, Leena has beauty and the brains to match. I can't get over her adorable loopy curls! Her smile is absolutely contagious. I loved hearing all about the variety of her activities and how quickly she Mashallah picks things up. It's amazing how smart our little ones are! May Allah protect her, preserve her memory, growing skills and ability to learn new things and may he always keep her under his protection and care. Ameen.

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