Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Days

Summer is here and its hot hot hot. Zakariya is still wearing his hat. He insist on wearing it even with his pajamas. I got him some kiddie sunglasses which at the time seemed like they would fit him. Boy was I wrong, they actually fit me. Last picture if of Zaki at the park. I love yellow on little kids!! Mashallah.

Here is a quick lunch lunch idea for your little ones after a eventful day at the park. Try and change it up and alternate as much as possible so that you are not eating too much of the same thing. This can help prevent food sensitivities from forming.

Brown rice pasta with peas, carrots and broccoli. With a dash of pepper.

A great alternative to wheat pasta is brown rice pasta. It taste great and gives more variety in the diet. Of the eight foods that account for 90% of allergens, wheat is one of them. So consider changing- it up!

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