Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Love

So where have I been? It has been a busy weekend filled with Doula duties. I was also able to help Doula the delivery of a healthy baby boy. Please remember him and his parents in your prayers.

I have spent the last few days just getting back into routine… but of course I simply could not get blogging off my mind. I didn’t want to post just to post something. No point in losing the quality of the content, ya know? Thanks for being patient with me.

Anywho, the weather has been playing tricks on us but we managed to get out to the park last week. Here are some pictures of my bebo with my soon to be Daughter in law. What you didn’t know? Muslims are famous for their ‘old school’ customs. (JOKING. He is not engaged! LOL)

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous day in the Lakeshore area. Enjoy!

In other news, a reader emailed me about a project she did. I thought it was adorable and had to share it to inspire the Mama’s and Mama’s to be out there!

Here is a bit of her message:

“After you showed me some of your craft projects you really inspired me...and because of that, I would like to share some thing I did. I bought some plain paper flowers and small plain wood flowers. I bought some acrylic paint and coated the bigger flowers with light pink and the small wooden ones with dark pink. Then I took sticky tac and put them up on the wall by her crib. I coated each flower so many times so it could look nice.Thank you very much for the inspiration. May Allah reward you and inspire you to do more great works ameen”

Jazakallah khair (thanks) for the absolutely cute pictures. You did such a great job Mashallah and this was such a creative way to change up those bare walls.

If anyone else has DIY pictures they would like to share, please email me at Alif2Yaa@gmail.com

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