Thursday, May 26, 2011

Challenges with almost 2!

Look Mama, I can do it myself!

I have to say everyone warned me. I knew it was coming. There is no denying the fact that we are getting closer to the "terrible twos". Just 4 months shy of the big day. The days when infancy and toddler hood will be part of the past and the future will be full of kiddie ruled behavior. I have been preparing for this even before my baby was born. Praying dearly for a calm baby, reciting to my unborn baby and tapping into my inner "calmness". How could I expect to have a calm child, If I was off the walls?!

I focused on calming and soothing techniques with my newborn in my arms. As a family we focused on the 5S' theory- there is even an entire book on the technique. It worked so well for us, even know my little guy finds extreme comfort in the shhhssing sound (similar to the white noise in the Mothers womb). As he grew, I focused on the challenges that came with each age. Every phase of his development brought new changes. I nursed as much as possible, it was like an immediate bandage and always served as a calming rescue. We introduced baby sign to help our baby communicate his needs as an early age. He was able to tell me without crying for his needs. For example, he would sign for milk when he was hungry instead of crying.

As he got older, I turned to reason. How can you reason with a child? You use 'toddleresque'. Toddleresque, is basically using the child's own set of words and language to communicate. Alhumdulillah, this worked great for us. When bath time became I want to stay in the tub forever time- I would tell him bye bye water. It was the simple. He voluntarily came out of the tub waving bye to the water. Not once but every time.

Now we are facing what people call the "terrible twos". I am not going to sugar coat it for anyone, it is challenging. If I look back on my journey there has been challenges with every age. The difference now is that, my child has opinions, demands and knows his rights. He is strong, a believer and a fighter. He will put a fight- even if its with his Mama... and I cant say I wasn't the same. He is a little stubborn a times, like the men in his family. He whines a bit, like the women in his family. He is a combination of everyone- but discovering himself in the process.

I do not see any benefit in putting an ugly label on what I see as potential growth towards a strong personality. Its a bit humiliating to be called terrible. Ever. So to the ugly label of "Terrible twos" please close the door on your way out.

What advice do other Mama's have to share? What do you think of labeling your child? How did you deal with age appropriate challenges that came your way? 

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  1. I am anti-label. Even autistic is a label. But just ride the waves you know, with Patience. There is never enough of it. Seriously its the answer to pretty much every difficulty. Mindfulness and patience I have several books on mindfulness and mindful parenting if you are intersested in reading/borrowing. I think in our deen this thing is ingrained in behavior towards everyone - mindfulness that is. But its fun and often useful to read what other people have to say about it.


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