Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tot Seat Review

With summer around the corner, its the perfect time to introduce you to the Tot Seat. I find the summer time is especially packed with social events. I think when it comes to events like weddings a lot of Mama's are hesitant to go because of their littler ones. However, there are measures you can take to make the evening pleasant for you and your little one. One of them is by taking a portable high chair!

One of my pet peeves is dirty high chairs in restaurants. Does anyone ever clean those things?! Seriously, if Palmolive wants to do a commercial for caked on grease they should do an experiment on high chairs. Its absolutely gross. There has even been times where despite a good wipe down the seat is still crusty. If you consult an employee they will simply come around with a stinky discolored jay cloth and it will only make matters worse! At that point I opt to use my lap or my stroller. In any case, this nifty product will save you from the world of unsanitary high chairs. The good things is it can easily strap on to any chair.

I ran into a Mama at a wedding recently who actually brought her fold able high chair with her. It was a great idea because her son was comfortable and enjoying himself. I told her about the Tot Seat and how it was even more convenient, light weight and easy to use.

We actually use this instead of our high chair. I love eating together at the table as a family, Alhumdulillah. My little guy also enjoys using his very own adult chair- just like Mama and Baba. Its also very convenient for traveling and trips to the grandparents house.
I had been eyeing the Tot Seat for some time here in Canada, my sister in law picked me up one from Saudi. It is readily available in most countries, click here for more details.


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  1. Umm Abdir RahmanMay 19, 2011 at 7:32 PM

    Dirty restaurant highchairs I think are every clean consuious moms pet peeve. I use these alcohol sanitizing wipes we get at restaurants here to clean the HC's and then with alcohol free wipe. (the wipe is so disgusting after!). I am glad you are enjoying the Tot seat...I didn't pick it up for you hun, it was zaki's eid gift! I really liked for AR and got one for Zaki too. I picked it up for a few friends as well. It's really something to invest into if you have a toddler and plan to have more kids! It was an Award winning gift as well in 2009.

  2. i loved this mashallah! = )


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