Monday, May 30, 2011

Love on my Bebo

Tis the season of babies and Doula duties call. I was out most of the day. I came home to my toddler who smothered me with kisses and hugs. "Mama Mama Mama!" he excitedly jumped on me. I was a little busy talking to Baba when my little guy grabbed my face, slobbered all over my face, kissed me tons and insisted on smooshing his cheek into my lips until he got a kiss out of me.

It took me back to the days when he was much younger. I would grab his face, even if he was busy cooing to his Baba. Slober all over him, kiss him tons and insist on smooshing my cheek onto his lips- until I got a kiss out of him.

I guess I had it coming.

How do your little ones greet you after you have been away for awhile?

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