Monday, May 30, 2011

Special Feature: Wave Challenge Winner!

Alif2Yaa and Nadoona got a chance to chat with Super Mama and winner of our Wave Challenge, Maria Battla.

This was Maria's humble response when she found out she won:  

"Thanks, jazakallah!! I am glad if it helped anyone in any way. Thanks to all of you who started it and made us all do it :):) May we all get the reward for all the good deeds we try to do" 

Ameen to your duas Maria

Mom to three girls and one boy, my fingers were itching to ask Maria tons of questions about Motherhood. For now, I settled for one. How do you plan healthy meals for your family, especially with the challenge of different favorite dishes with each of your kids?

Maria: I try to cook one veggie, one chicken or goat dish and lentil dish at a time. One very important thing is that alhumdulilah they eat almost all kinds of our Pakistani food. My son Ali is not that much of veggie lover. Here's a secret I will share with you- last Ramadan I made chicken rolls and I added chopped cabbage (one of my friends trick) in it and it was very finely chopped. He couldn't tell it was in there. He thought it was only chicken, its the same with the chicken curry or goat curry for him as long as he can't see whats in there he will eat it. If I tell him that it's all ginger garlic onion & tomatoes in it- but if it's all hiding in there he is okay with it and he will love it :):)

They all love curry chicken or goat and then sometimes I will surprise them with any pasta dish or burgers or tacos etc etc..As they are growing up alhumdulilah the quantity of food has gone up :):) I kind of feel like I am cooking all the time and I do love to cook for them, but sometimes I get tired of cooking. I am not into fried foods, more like simple Pakistani  foods. Alhumdulilah for now all going good. You know I use to get tired of cooking but now I do try this thing, one of my friends told me that whatever you do as a mom or wife or friend like cooking, cleaning, picking up the kids, laundry etc etc we should always think that we are doing all this for the sake of Allah and for the pleasure of Allah. When I think like that or I should say try to think like that my work gets easier and easier.

Jazakallah khair and thank you to Maria for participating in the challenge. Your experience as a Super Mama, wisdom and expertise is so greatly appreciated here. I totally agree with you about linking the intention to a greater purpose, the results are so much more fulfilling! Inshallah everyone will benefit from your advice.

Stay tuned for our next challenge! 


  1. congrats to the super mama! may allah grant you and your family success in living a healthier lifestyle - ameen!

  2. masha'Allah awesome. mabrook :)


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