Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

So the past month has been FULL of wedding festivities. My cousin has married her bearded prince- May Allah bless their marriage and make them a comfort and coolness for each others eyes and hearts, Ameen.

The interesting part about this wedding was that the Wedding and Reception were on separate weekends. This added to the "never ending-ness" of the wedding but to make matters more interesting Reception was out of town.

We packed up our backs and road trip'd across Ontario for a fun filled family weekend. Alhumdulillah!

Here is a blurb of what the past few weeks have looked like:
1. Family shot at the wedding... Of course if you could see our faces the picture would not qualify for the blog. Its so hard getting family shots- we were all looking in different directions
2. Stopping over in Detroit to do some shopping with family... Zakariya is still wearing his hats everywhere- Mashallah
3. Zaki & Nusi- being in love and all (as usual) with their matching shirts. There marriage was arranged at birth.... joking ;)
4.  My little guy loving his first ever metal belt buckle
5. After party in PJs at our house
6. Mama & Baba summer drinks- lemonade and water
7. The cake!

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